Ethics, Analytics and the Duty of Care

This post is really just to test the RSS feed so that any posts on this blog tagged with “ethics21” can be harvested by the RSS reader on Stephen Downes‘ 2021 8-week MOOC “Ethics, Analytics and the Duty of Care”.

I’m a big fan of Stephen and his approach to learning. I was lucky enough to interview him a few years ago for an episode of LearnCast and his ideas on Connectivism make a lot of sense to me in the contemporary learning context we find ourselves.

My primary motivation for taking part in this MOOC is to take some time to think about the data I’m collecting through various platforms and consider not just what I could do with it to help the learners I’m trying to support, but what I ought to do with it. And indeed, should it be collected in the first place?

(hopefully this triggers the RSS feed!)


First post.

“Rodin’s Thinker” by steven n fettig is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

I have decided to practice what I preach a bit and am posting on this long-neglected blog. I’m hoping to use it to to “think out loud” and publicly, but I will almost certainly be clad whilst doing so, unlike the subject of Rodin’s masterpiece.

I want the blog to form a part of my reflections on all things relating to learning. I hope these reflections may be of interest to some. I have many views on other matters, but I want this blog to focus on this particular area. (Not sure why I included this last sentence…an attempt to convince you I’m a rounded individual?).

I’m a learning and development professional, and a coding amateur/hobbyist. I am lucky enough to work in a small team of very talented people and I love the inspiration and ideas I get from working with my colleagues. The most exciting and satisfying part of my job is bringing together ideas and technologies that are in play in other sectors and making them work for the people in the social services sector.

At the time of posting, my particular areas of interest are further developing and improving MyLearning, xAPI, learning analytics, learning ecosystems, chatbots to support and deliver learning, credentialing, and open approaches to development and licensing of code and content.

Expect: musings, links to things I find interesting, half-formed ideas that won’t go anywhere, some that do and make a difference.

Don’t expect: daily/weekly/monthly updates, or me to be interested in buying an LMS or your “learning solution”.

I welcome comments, critique, and will endeavour to reply!